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Tuning in Yoga ...

we practice in synchrony.

Sunday 21 March at 10: 00      Sow

  Happy equinox and joyful Spring to you all!


Prepare the practice space with care and attention, making sure it is intimate, quiet. It is important that this is a moment dedicated to you .

Carefully spread out the mat and use a pillow, folded blanket or zafu for meditation if you like or use them during your listening moments. This will help you maintain a more comfortable position for longer.

Keep the virtual support you have chosen to follow the practice (pc or phone) close to you but do not let yourself be disturbed.

Keep a pen and a notebook or paper handy, they will come in handy later.

Prepare a bowl of water and place it in front of you. In front of you place a lighted candle.

Sit on the ground bringing your buttocks on the pillow or directly on the mat, feeling the support on the ischium.

Cross your legs to find a position that is comfortable for you.

Listen to your body weight, balance the tilt of your spine until you feel straight but effortless.


Welcome the sounds coming from the outside trying to integrate them to your listening. Refine your listening more and more, reaching far and near sounds.

Look at the candle, observe its contours, its movement, its light.


Sow seeds of joy:

It's obvious!

Life offers us beautiful gifts and great evidences every day.

Attending and participating in the movement of nature is one of these gifts.

If we train ourselves to observe how in nature everything lives, exists and moves, we understand how everything and everything follows some very evident laws. Eternal and incontrovertible laws; not fleeting, transient and deceptive like those of men.

If we find ourselves in front of a meadow of red poppies, it is evident that red poppy seeds have been sown in that meadow at the right time.

The same would be in front of a field of wheat, rice, marigolds or anemones. For each of these flowers a different seed, its own seed.

But that's not all.

If we sow red poppy seeds, at a certain point, at the right time, in that same meadow we will see red poppies blossom and bloom.

From the flower and the fruit I can understand the seed that was.

But in the same way, from the seed I can know the flower or fruit that will come . 

There are seeds that travel through the air by larger hands and settle on the ground and rest until their time and season to start growing. There are seeds that are placed on the ground by human hands only after having carefully prepared the soil.

In both cases, that seed will begin to grow and will bear abundant flowers and fruit in relation to the type of soil that has hosted it and to the care and nourishment dedicated to itself it will have received.

A seed planted along a road, in stony ground, among brambles, with little solar radiation and which has not received enough water, will struggle to sprout and grow and may not bear flowers and fruit.

However, from the beginning he would tend to develop that very powerful force of Life that is inherent in him, but if the conditions are not dedicated and suitable he may not make his way.


The same double evidence applies to humans too:

From the seed, the flower and fruit. From the flower or fruit, the seed.

This applies to all the various levels of the human being: physical, psychic, spiritual.

For each of these levels there will be a soil, an exhibition, a  favorite and preferred nourishment to be kept with great care if you want to bring your life to fruit and flower.

An unhealthy body, where disharmonies occur, shows that seeds that do not benefit well-being have been sown in that body on untreated and not nourished land in a dedicated way.

A mind that elaborates absolutistic thoughts, of judgment and condemnation against life, itself or others, highlights that seeds that do not favor sharing and understanding have been sown in that mind, on a ground_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ not treated and not nourished in a dedicated way.

A spirit that lives in anxiety and depression shows that seeds that do not benefit gratitude and evolution have been sown in that spirit on untreated and dedicatedly nourished soil.

But in the same way:

A healthy body, where harmony is manifested, shows that seeds have been sown in that body that benefit well-being on a land that is cared for and nourished in a dedicated way.

A mind that elaborates thoughts of sharing and gratuitousness towards life, itself or others, highlights that seeds that favor sharing and understanding have been sown in that mind, on land that is cared for and nourished in a dedicated way.

A spirit that lives in joy and peace shows that seeds that benefit gratitude and evolution have been sown in that spirit, on land that is nurtured and nurtured in a dedicated way.


By learning to see the human being with a wider gaze and with eyes that look higher, we can say that:

what you sow in the spirit, flourishes in the psyche, bears fruit in the body (quoted by Paolo Spoladore, the PneumoPsicoEmoSoma Principle, Usiogope)


Despite the fear and anxiety that part of humanity finds itself living outside and above all within itself, we can say with certainty that above all the seeds that benefit Life can be sown in the heart of man.

Seeds of joy, of sharing, of participation, of forgiveness, of collaboration, of care, of well-being, of gratitude . 

The time has come to stop using energy and resources to go against something or someone;  

the time has come to stop being busy fighting, fueling the algorithm of anger;

The time has come to let go of fear to concretely begin, day after day, to prepare the ground and sow.


Each sowing has its own times and respects a precise method and rhythm to guarantee success and success. Each sowing has its own timing and crosses the different seasons, meeting bad weather as well as optimal and favorable situations.

Choose today what you want to sow within yourself to dedicate your favorite, preferred and dedicated flower and fruit to yourself.

Prepare the soil with care, expose it to the light with humility, give it the right nourishment so that each of your seeds can bear fruit of thirty of sixty of one hundred by one ... at every level.

Choose today which flower meadow you want to see in the garden of your heart, in front of which you will no longer have doubts about what you have sown.

It will be evident!




The audio track  MEDITATION   takes you through a listening path. Listening to your breath, listening to your sensations. Listening to your inner dialogues. Listening to your wishes and choices.

Feel calm and independent . 

Meditation is an intimate journey that everyone can do only for themselves. Techniques are just expedients, tools to embark on this path. But  it is very difficult to guide a meditation effectively and it is even more so with the use of the virtual. Stay close to yourself and make your own path. With serenity, sweetness  and calm.


Choose carefully the place where you will practice listening, make sure it is quiet and protected. Sit down in a stable and comfortable position.

Meditazione Pasqua '24
00:00 / 37:38

"Listen. Behold, the sower went out to sow.
As he sowed, some fell along the road; the birds came and ate it.
Another part fell on the stony ground, where there was not much earth; and immediately it sprouted because the ground was not deep, but when the sun came up, it was burned and, having no roots, withered away.  Another part fell among the brambles, and the brambles grew, choked it and gave no fruit. Other parts fell on the good soil and gave fruit: they sprouted, grew and yielded thirty, sixty, one hundred for one "

Gospel of Mark (4, 3-8)

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