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Tuning in Yoga ...

we practice in synchrony.

In him was life
and life was the light of men;
 light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it.

(John 1,4-5)


Welcome to,

Afterwards, the practice proposal awaits you, consisting of two distinct and consequential moments:

  • Meditation

  • Ashtanga Yoga

Today's proposal will unfold like this:

Start reading the written track following the directions in order to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for what you are about to do.

Remember that it is always very important that you take the time and space to practice.

The entire proposal will last approximately 2 hours. However, if you feel you do not have all this time available, we invite you to follow the proposal at least up to the MEDITATION audio track included.

Following the written instructions you will arrive at the first MEDITATION audio track that today accompanies you in a space dedicated to Trust .

After completing the meditation, take the time you need, and then start practicing following the ASHTANGA YOGA proposal.

Here the choice is yours:

  • If you are an expert practitioner choose the track: FIRST COMPLETE SET.

  • If you are an intermediate practitioner follow the track: GUIDED PRACTICE

  • If you are a beginner or at least feel the need to practice with fewer positions, choose the track: ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS

Given the characteristics of ashtanga yoga and the intensity and dynamism of the practice, it is essential that you read the following:


The proposed practice of ASHTANGA YOGA   is designed for practitioners of ashtanga Yoga with already a minimum of  previous experience, in respect of their current level (expert, intermediate, beginner) . If you decide to follow it, do it with total serenity and especially if you are not already an ashtanga practitioner and / or do not have an already established practice, do not run away if the indications seem out of your current reach and understanding. Stay as long as you can and then slowly give yourself time to relax, breathe and calmly exit the practice.

To simplify, remember to print the card with the ashtanga positions and to print or view before starting to practice the card with the name of the positions that make up the audio track (only for beginners, ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS page)

Good practice!

With Joy and Gratitude

Thomas for Kyem

Happy Easter to all!

Sunday 4 April at 10: 00      Trust _cc781905-5cde-136badd-136badd

Prepare the practice space with care and attention, making sure it is intimate, quiet. It is important that this is a moment dedicated to you.

Carefully spread out the mat and use a pillow, folded blanket or zafu for meditation if you like or use them during your listening moments. This will help you maintain a more comfortable position for longer.

Keep the virtual support you have chosen to follow the practice (pc or phone) close to you but do not let yourself be disturbed.

Keep a pen and a notebook or paper handy, they will come in handy later.

Prepare a bowl of water and place it in front of you. In front of you place a lighted candle.

Sit on the ground bringing your buttocks on the pillow or directly on the mat, feeling the support on the ischium.

Cross your legs to find a position that is comfortable for you.

Listen to your body weight, balance the tilt of your spine until you feel straight but effortless.


Welcome the sounds coming from the outside trying to integrate them to your listening. Refine your listening more and more, reaching far and near sounds.

Look at the candle, observe its contours, its movement, its light.



It is a beautiful spring day. The sun rose in the east with the usual precision, perfect, millimeter. Its light reaches the earth and regulates every biological function of living beings  and the heat of the rays gently dissipates the humidity of the night.

You are walking along a path on a promontory that runs along the sea coast. Below you the ocean, above you the sky is blue. All around, woods and vegetation now in bloom in a riot of colors and scents. In short, a situation full of beauty.

In the sea certainly full of fish, the fish do not seem to be afraid of drowning, despite the vastness of the waters.

In the sky, an eagle flies and the recently returned swallows dart from the south of the world through a journey of thousands of kilometers faced with their small body that weighs a few grams. Both eagles and swallows do not seem to fear dizziness, despite the altitude of their flights.

On a massive oak tree beside you a squirrel leaps from branch to branch; it does not seem to be afraid of falling despite the height and knotiness of the branches between which it struggles.

The oak itself, which will be about 200 years old, is putting out young and tender leaves and does not seem to fear the multitude of living beings who live among its branches and its foliage, having taken it as a home.

Overlooking the sea, close to the cliff near you, a mountain goat remains in perfect balance between rocks and shrubs while grazing aromatic herbs and does not seem to be afraid at all.

You too feel you are peaceful, surrounded by so much beauty.

You observe what is in front of you and you feel part of it. Suddenly the thought crosses you of how man is living, of how humanity spends and plunders the resources of nature by living without gratitude and in an absolutely non-synchronous way with what you are observing now. You feel a deep division, between the time of nature / life and the time and choices of humanity.

You breathe, you observe, you try to stay connected with what surrounds you.

Suddenly the sky is crossed by a black and dense cloud that darkens the sky and brings storm.

Suddenly the apparent stillness that was in you until a moment before, darkens, dissipates, storms.

Thoughts like this invade you: I don't even have an umbrella or a cape to protect me, how am I going to go back with this storm, I will lose the path and remain exposed on the ravine, I am alone, without anyone who can help me and in the bale of a fate adverse, damn me and when I decided to come here, they always happen to me ... and other thoughts of the kind that generate panic, guilt, anger, fear, mistrust.

Meanwhile, in the sea the fish are still not afraid of drowning; eagle and swallows are not dizzy; the squirrel is not afraid of falling; the oak does not drive away the inhabitants crowded among its foliage and does not fear the wind and the goat continues to graze until the wind gets too strong and then with a jump it goes towards less slippery paths.


Certainly, when walking it is essential to be prepared and well equipped for any eventuality; and walking in the plains, in the hills, in the mountains is not the same thing. The more difficult the path, the more it is exposed, any errors of evaluation are paid dearly. Surely not having a method is a serious mistake. But this is not the point.

What in man generates fear?

What exposes us helpless or angry in the face of sudden and unwanted events?

What produces total inhibition of happiness and personal satisfaction despite being perennially surrounded by the overwhelming and arrogant beauty of the nature of which we are a part?

What makes us so distant, unconnected, hard of heart and hard of brain?

What has allowed all ideological, political, religious, economic systems through the centuries, and today with greater arrogance, to find a perfect ground in the soul of humanity to keep it in deception and fear?

A newborn in our arms, what does it do? He trusts.

A young eagle 3000 meters high on its first flight, what does it do? He trusts.

A wolf in search of its prey, what does it do? He trusts.

The deer that hides and runs away chased by the wolf, what does it do? He trusts.

Each water molecule of the river that arrives with speed at the leap into the void where the waterfall is born, what does it do? He trusts.

Baby, eagle, water, wolf or deer, they do not argue, they do not engage in mental constructions, they do not challenge or condemn fate. They rely on.

It is the total lack of trust, its absence in the hearts of men to make humanity disconnected, stupid, hard and prey to the various marauders who go through history, often in the guise of benefactors in support and protection of the law, of health. , democracy, peace.

It is the total lack of trust, its absence in the hearts of men to make humanity angry, bewildered, without method and emptied of intelligence; easy victim of the storm of the moment, helpless target of events, apparently random.

It is the total lack of trust, its absence in the hearts of men to make humanity blind and deaf to the evident laws of nature that have always governed life and existence; blind and deaf to any source of inspiration and truthful and nourishing information.

As long as humanity continues to place its blind trust, total or partial, fluctuating and illusory, in favor of the laws of men, religions, ideologies, politics, economic potentates, illustrious masters of medical science, hegemonic systems on duty who make words, alerts and numbers their standard and sleeping pill for peoples, will remain in fear and at the mercy of every adverse situation and event.


If this is to be the direction that deceived humanity has chosen to head, it does not necessarily have to be for every single man or woman who inhabits this wonderful land today.

Choose today, with care and love, to place your trust in Life. Feed it, nurture it, let it sprout and bear fruit.

Choose today to return to trust as the fundamental engine that supports your every choice and directs the direction you feel you want to live.

Choose today and choose in accordance with the laws that govern nature and life.

Put your Trust in Life, without ever doubting the evidence that Life is the greatest gift you have received: without ever challenging Life by pointing to it as guilty of your little or big difficulties.


Breathe trust, drink trust, eat trust, rest in trust and multiply trust. Without ifs and buts. Without arguing, without doubting.

Trust in Life, in its sweetest embrace. Make trust in Life the engine and the direction, the origin and the goal, the wind and the sail.

Trust and you will have no doubts in recognizing what benefits life and what benefits death. So you will be able to choose which side to stand on.

Trust yourself and start today not to be afraid or at least to welcome the fear that comes and transform it into joy.

Learning to have full confidence in Life strengthens the immune system, prevents disharmonies, refines the perceptual system, increases the presence of joy molecules (anandamide) in our body.

It makes it very contagious: it infects with joy.

When you are in Trust in Life, even if suddenly the sky darkens and the storm arrives (and this happens and will continue to happen) you know how to respond firmly and with a bright smile in your heart and face, continuing to walk your way, the your path, which is yours, only yours and nobody else's.

Walk it, live it fully with confidence.

Gratitude, Letting Go, Sowing, Welcoming, Trust.

Gioisa Easter to all.


The audio track  MEDITATION   takes you through a listening path. Listening to your breath, listening to your sensations. Listening to your inner dialogues. Listening to your wishes and choices.

Feel peaceful and independent . 

Meditation is an intimate journey that everyone can do only for themselves. Techniques are just expedients, tools to embark on this path. But  it is very difficult to guide a meditation effectively and it is even more so with the use of the virtual. Stay close to yourself and make your own path. With serenity, sweetness  and calm.


Choose carefully the place where you will practice listening, make sure it is quiet and protected. Sit down in a stable and comfortable position.

00:00 / 48:53

When you open your eyes, go back to looking at the flame of the candle in front of you. Observe its movement, its outlines.

Slowly regain tune with the body and gently move the main joints; neck, shoulders, wrists, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles.

Bring your hands into the bowl of fresh water that you placed in front of you and refresh your face, eyes.

Take the time you need and then write down in your notebook trying to answer these 2 questions easily:

  • What is Trust for me and what do I want to learn to place my Trust in now?

  • What are my desires, what do I really want for me now?

When you want, start practicing by following the directions below.




I thank you first of all, friend who have come this far and who, despite everything, have decided to be there and to move towards a connection, an encounter, a synchrony.

I thank Francesca, who has always been there, from the beginning and still now

I thank Don Paolo Spoladore because he was and continues to be a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

I thank the Unique Master and Life and I place all my Trust in them.

24 Therefore whoever hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock. 25 The rain fell, the rivers overflowed, the winds blew and struck that house, but it did not fall, because it was founded on rock.
26 Whoever hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain fell, the rivers overflowed, the winds blew and struck that house, and it fell and its ruin was great. "

(Matthew 7-24,27)

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