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Second year, Dates and Topics

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First meeting: 18/20 February
The practice: Adjustments, guided class and study of positions

Sixth meeting: 23/25 September
Functional anatomy and movement, edited by Piera Maghella and Laura Vergani

Second meeting: 18/20 March

Adjustments and traditional Sanskrit counting of vinyasa

Third meeting: 23/25 April

  • Teaching methodology 

  • Yoga in pregnancy, by Francesca Deias

 Fourth meeting: 20/22 May

  • Theory, Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, edited by Iacopo Nuti

  • Mysore

  • Hatha Yoga

Eighth meeting: 25/27 November

  • How to set up a lesson

  • The 5 fundamentals

Seventh meeting: 21/23 October

  • Theory, edited by Ernesto Iannaccone

  • Study and practice of the second series

Fifth meeting: 10/12 June
Personal practice and teaching methodology

Ninth meeting: 16/18 December

  • ​Bureaucratic hints, Exam

  • Meditation

Internship: Practice, Nature, Meditation
June 28 / July 4, Nabhi Center of the Earth,

Castel di Casio, BO

Thank you

This is a journey that we propose you to do together.

So that everyone can find their own way.

So that everyone can evolve e knowing to feel free

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