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Carissim *

If you have opened this page it is because you have decided to walk, to prepare for the second part ( CENTRO audio track)   of today's proposal by taking a good walk.

I hope you can do it in nature, wrapped and surrounded by the beauty of winter.

If, on the other hand, the context in which you live is urban, remember that you can still find beauty.

To walk you need rhythm and method.

The proposal I make is simple and probably the indications you will find below will already sound widely familiar to you.

Either way, walk and do it with Joy.

I invite you to walk by finding a rhythm.

  • Pay attention to the placement of your feet on the ground. Give presence and concreteness to this support; as if each step were leaving a well-defined imprint; as if each step leaves roots where it rests.

  • Balance your body weight well to unload it on the ground. Find your center of gravity, looking for the connection between the force of gravity, your spine and the points of support on the ground, your feet. Observe how you move and align your pelvis.

  • Breathe, broadly, generously and deeply, through your nose and with a sweet Ujjay. Expand the breath from bottom to top as you inhale and let it go from top to bottom as you exhale.

  • Find the synchrony between the step and the breath. Between the rhythm of the body and that of breathing. Find the agreement between your pace and your internal heart / breath motor. .

  • Keep your eyes wide open and your gaze well active, present. Observe and assimilate what you see. Welcome and nourish yourself with the beauty that arrives; let go of what you don't want.

Walk briskly, with gratitude, for an hour or whatever you prefer. Welcome the first sunset of the year and then come back and get ready for the second part of today's proposal: the CENTRO audio track.

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