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Tuning in Yoga ...

we practice in synchrony.

In him was life
and life was the light of men;
 light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it.

(John 1,4-5)


Welcome to,

Afterwards, the practice proposal awaits you, consisting of two distinct and consequential moments:

  • Meditation

  • Ashtanga Yoga

Today's proposal will unfold like this:

Start reading the written track following the directions in order to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for what you are about to do.

Remember that it is always very important that you take the time and space to practice.

The entire proposal will last approximately 2 hours. However, if you feel you do not have all this time available, we invite you to follow the proposal at least up to the MEDITATION audio track included.

Following the written instructions you will arrive at the first MEDITATION audio track that today accompanies you in a space dedicated to Sowing .

After completing the meditation, take the time you need, and then start practicing following the ASHTANGA YOGA proposal.

Here the choice is yours:

  • If you are an expert practitioner choose the track: FIRST COMPLETE SET.

  • If you are an intermediate practitioner follow the track: GUIDED PRACTICE

  • If you are a beginner or at least feel the need to practice with fewer positions, choose the track: ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS

Given the characteristics of ashtanga yoga and the intensity and dynamism of the practice, it is essential that you read the following:


The proposed practice of ASHTANGA YOGA   is designed for practitioners of ashtanga Yoga with already a minimum of  previous experience, in respect of their current level (expert, intermediate, beginner) . If you decide to follow it, do it with total serenity and especially if you are not already an ashtanga practitioner and / or do not have an already established practice, do not run away if the indications seem out of your current reach and understanding. Stay as long as you can and then slowly give yourself time to relax, breathe and calmly exit the practice.

To simplify, remember to print the card with the ashtanga positions and to print or view before starting to practice the card with the name of the positions that make up the audio track (only for beginners, ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS page)

Good practice!

With Joy and Gratitude

Thomas for Kyem

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