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Seminar trips in South India  in collaboration with the School of the Maestro Jayachandran Nair


"Traveling is living a deep rhythm, a continuous movement, a quiet without answers.
The journey feeds on itself, swallows the days and nights as if they were grains of small grapes and chews life ... sweet or bitter.

The road and its dust, the sea and its breath of truth, the temple that chants with incense, songs and oil lights;  the train with its fragrant metallic breath, children with eyes of pearls.
In India we eat with our hands, we walk barefoot and without socks, we observe and are observed, in an incessant, dense flow, like the aroma of clarified butter and incense in grains offered to the sacred fire.
Anything can happen in India at any time; the great mountains  become rolling hills and the plains tangled forests_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_bath-136d "

( from the travel diary of Tommaso Valentini, Yoga and Kalari teacher )


We offer yoga retreats in Kerala - South India, of ashtanga yoga and kalaripayattu in contact with traditional Indian culture. An encounter with the lifestyle of this country trying to approach it in an authentic and respectful way.

During the seminars the practices of yoga and kalaripayattu are integrated.

The seminars are hosted by a typical guest house on the ocean in contact with the tropical nature of kerala. The property is located in the north cliff, very close to the ocean, in a quiet and peaceful area.

Kerala is also the cradle of Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, during the trip we offer the possibility of receiving massages and treatments from our trusted therapists.

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