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"Every day, every moment we have the opportunity to respond to life with love and gratitude or in the absence of love and gratitude, that is, with anger and annoyance.

Every moment you can be reborn together with Life. "

Taken from Thoughts of Light of 12/19/2019;; Paolo Spoladore

​Kyem ... è  traveling.

Every morning Kyem bathes at the source of awakening to refresh the numbness of sleep, awakening to a new day.
Kyem is traveling, by choice, to bathe in the flowing river of Life, without adhering to any convention or conviction.
Kyem chooses to travel and to settle with strength and delicacy, from time to time, where the soil is fertile and the sky shines, welcoming and facing even the storms that pass thanks to the union and the desire to be together.
Kyem travels and places his tent in places where man still manages to be One with the earth and the sky; in song and praise, in sweat and gratitude: in the beauty of creation.
Today Kyem is on the road and rejoices in welcoming traveling travelers under his tent.


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