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Francesca Deias
Perineum integration and Movimento® and Organization of seminars

I have always been interested in research in the field of body and movement disciplines that I investigated through research theater, yoga and the study of kalaripayattu, a millenary Indian martial art. I spent long periods in India, in the Milon Mela theatrical research center, in contact with still authentic realities and studying kalaripayattu from maestro Jayachandran Nair. My interest in traditional Ayurveda medicine was born from my travels in this ancient land, which I deepened in traditional local clinics and with a four-year training at the Ayurvedic Point school.
In 2012 together with Tommaso we created the Kesma Italia association, now Kyem as a creative place to integrate yoga, kalaripayattu, experiences in nature and body expression.
I work as a midwife and I am trained as an operator of the Perineum Integration and Movement® (PiyM) methodology, created by Nuria Vives and Angels Masagué, for the pelvic area and the female perineum. The Piym® methodology was introduced in our seminars, enriching the experiences with paths of body awareness, sensory anatomy and integration of the perineum in global movement.

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