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The master Jayachandran Nair


He was initiated into kalaripayattu by the master Maruthi Thankappan Assan of Trivandrum with whom he remained from 1982 to 2002. During this period he participated in the Kalaripayattu championships in Kerala receiving numerous awards. In August 1993 he was awarded the Certificate of Merit as the best expert in kalaripayattu in the context of Kalari performances by the DEKSHINA KERALA MARMA THIRUNI KERALA ASSOCIATION.

Since 1993 he has collaborated as Master Kalari with the Indian group Milon Mela directed by Abani Biswas, (collaborator of J.Grotowski in the Teatro delle Sorgenti) with whom he travels throughout Europe for international exhibitions and workshops. In 2003 he opened his school in Trivandrum: KESMA - Kerala School of Martial Art.

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