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È  a body work modality that is part of the exclusive brand of prevention, health and well-being and which integrates the perineum into the totality of the body and movement. This method has been systematized by Nuria Nives following her collaboration of over 25 years with Blandin Calis Germain whose inspiration led to the theoretical principles and research related to the method .


Through pleasant movements we can feel, relax, make flexible and activate the muscles of the perineum, activating it together with the rest of the body and breathing.


It is suitable for women of all ages who want to know the pelvic floor muscles and improve their physical condition in general.


It is a proposal dedicated to all those who want to deepen their knowledge of their body and how it works.


During the residential seminars we propose the Piym methodology integrated with yoga and movement paths to enrich one's body awareness through the integration of the perineum in the global movement.


  • Know, feel, care for and maintain good pelvic floor health throughout all stages of life

  • Discover and recover the energy and strength hidden in this part of the pelvis

  • Recognize and integrate the female genital area.

  • Prevent lower back and spine pain in general

  • Prevent incontinence and prolapse problems.

  • Improve the quality of one's sexuality.

Seminar dates

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