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 Ashtanga Yoga first series, for beginner practitioners

Welcome to

If you have chosen to open this link è  because you do not know the whole sequence of Ashtanga Yoga.

Find your own rhythm, do not force and do not improvise any positions you do not already know and do not understand.

However, if the practice is too intense or complex feel free to slow down and switch to the RELAXATION track.

The following audio track will accompany you to the following locations:

  • Sun salutation A 3 times

  • Sun Salutation B 3 times

  • All standing positions

  • Some sitting positions

  • Simple closures

  • Pranayama

  • Relaxation

Help yourself by viewing the Ashtanga card and the card relating to this specific practice with the name of the positions that you find below:

Good practice.

Today the audio track is split into three due to the heaviness of the audio file,

the use of an external speaker is recommended to reproduce at an appropriate volume.

I start by bringing myself to my feet on the front of the mat taking the position:

Samasthiti, feet together, slight retroversion of the pelvis, back straight without effort, hands and arms at the sides, shoulders relaxed, chin parallel to the floor, look forward and active

Saluti al Sole+asana in piedi
00:00 / 47:57
Guidata seconda parte
00:00 / 31:38
Rilassamento e Mantra
00:00 / 09:51
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