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Center of gravity, look

The activation, centering and stability of a position always start from the bottom: from the support base, which includes the surface on which we are resting and the points of support of our body on the ground.

The force of gravity acts in a strong and unequivocal way on this.

The relationship between the force of gravity and our supports determines the center of gravity in the positions and the consequent search for balance.

Finding the center of gravity helps us to face and remain in the positions, even the most complex, without encountering effort.

In this alchemy the LOOK becomes the anchor and the guide.

The gaze ( drishti ) during the ashtanga yoga sequence is placed from time to time, depending on the positions, in very specific directions and parts of our body.

The look, when it turns inwards, favoring the listening of the bodily sensations, becomes PROPRIOCEPTION.

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