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sono on-line le date del nuovo corso in partenza a febbraio 2024

Yoga teacher training course

500 hours

Style: Ashtanga Yoga

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 Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.

Two-year course aimed at those who love to practice and want to deepen, to those who want to know better how this practice works, to all those who want to understand how we work within the practice to acquire the fundamental tools and learn to transmit, with humility and passion this beautiful way to others!

Formazione Yoga
  • Overall structure

2 years of 250 hours each, each year is divided into 9 weekends (from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) on a monthly basis and 1 intensive 7-day retreat in summer.

  • S ede

For the training weekends the venue will be the SPAZIONOMADE research center for movement and dance, Rosignano Marittimo, Livorno.

For the intensive retreat to be held in the summer, the venue is La Fattoria Il Sentiero, Via Ca 'Nicolò 120 - 41021 Fanano (Modena)

  • Teaching method


Our teaching method is mainly based on an experiential approach. During each meeting, ample space is given to personal practice, to in-depth studies that aim at the development of technique and method to learn to observe and recognize one's own practice and that of others in order to improve the first one and give the right indications and use appropriate adjustments to let the second evolve.

Even in the modules that provide theoretical insights (anatomy and physiology, functioning of the bandhas, breath and spine ...), the approach will always be of an experiential nature, with the sole exception of the History and Philosophy of Yoga module where we will devote ourselves to the study of the texts highlighting some fundamental aspects such as the connection between yoga and ayurveda, mantras, Yoga Sutras.


The dates of the first year to follow refer to the second two-year course 2022/2024 which will start next October.

The dates of the second year refer to the first two-year course 2021/2022, currently in progress and which will end in December 2022.

The study topics (practice / theory / teaching methodology / physiology / anatomy) will be developed gradually over the entire 2-year course. In addition to the development of the topics included in the study program of each module,  o each training weekend includes time dedicated to personal practice, insights, teaching methodology and meditation.

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This is a journey that we propose you to do together.

So that everyone can find their own way.

So that everyone can evolve e knowing to feel free

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