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Once the cycles of nature with the alternation of the seasons cadenced the life cycle of man, regulated the rhythm and in this was inherent the balance between man and nature. Man was part of it and was understood by it. This was his balance.

Today there is no longer a rhythm, there are millions of them and there are millions of imbalances.

Tuning in to the rhythm of nature helps to regain psychophysical well-being .  Meditation and walking in nature, bring back to listening to one's own rhythm and awareness of the present e stimulate the functions of the 3 perceptual channels: visual, auditory, tactile.

We could spend rivers of words to write about meditation, defining the techniques related to different traditions, arguing about truths and discarding others.


Actually a  we care about seeing the path , returning to a deeper listening, understanding how it is possible to dedicate time and space of great quality to observe the inner dialogues that _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ we continuously do inside and  to listen to those words that resonate and vibrate in us, the result of the continuous movement of thoughts.

Meditate, or rather the return to "home", in that intimate and personal place where everything can  to shine in beauty, to learn to accept, to let go and grant ourselves the wonderful possibility of evolving.

Le montagne incontrano il lago
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