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Breath and Vinyasa

BREATH   is the fundamental element that nourishes and sustains Life.

In the practice of Yoga, as in Life, the breath is the main ingredient, the correct functioning of which increases and elevates all the other ingredients of the practice.

We start by understanding how the breath works in its physiology, learning to recognize which are the anatomical structures that activate and relax its movement within the body.

Only after having learned the physiology, we deepen the specific techniques: first of all the Ujjay pranayama .

Ujjay breath accompanies, nourishes and nourishes the practice.

In Ujjay we modulate and filter the passage of the breath in the larynx through a gentle activation of the glottis. A new sound follows:   the increase of that purification process that we are stimulating with the practice and the possibility of lengthening and extending the duration of the breath in each phase ._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_All this allows us to enter and exit from / in positions with greater awareness, attention, effectiveness.

Other techniques that we are going to deepen:

- Nadhi Shodana Pranayama 

- Kapalbhati  


When we go to synchronize the movement with the breath, letting the breath be  to lead, we are doing a vinyasa : it's like  wanting to contain every movement within a phase of the breath (inhale and exhale).

This element makes the practice fluid and precise.

In Ashtanga Yoga we face different types of v inyasa based on the sequence and type of positions.

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