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Tuning in Yoga ...

we practice in synchrony.

In him was life
and life was the light of men;
 light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it.

(John 1,4-5)



Welcome to,

Afterwards, today's proposal awaits you, which we invite you to make in compliance with the timing, to validate the resonance, the sharing.

The proposal is developed in two moments:  

  • reading the text

  • meditation following the audio track 

Start reading the written track following the directions in order to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for what you are about to do.

Remember that it is always very important that you have dedicated time and space to yourself to be able to do what we propose without haste.

At the end of the meditation we also provide three different audio tracks to guide those who want to practice through the sequence of ashtanga yoga. We will always leave the tracks available so that you can practice when you prefer.

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Prepare the practice space with care and attention, making sure it is intimate, quiet. It is important that this is a moment dedicated to you.

Carefully spread out the mat and use a pillow, folded blanket or zafu for meditation if you like or use them during your listening moments. This will help you maintain a more comfortable position for longer.

Keep the virtual support you have chosen to follow the practice (pc or phone) close to you but do not let yourself be disturbed.

Prepare a bowl of water and place it in front of you. In front of you place a lighted candle.

Sit on the ground bringing your buttocks on the pillow or directly on the mat, feeling the support on the ischium.

Cross your legs to find a position that is comfortable for you.

Listen to the weight of your body, balance the inclination of the spine until you feel yourself stretching upwards but without effort.


Welcome the sounds coming from the outside trying to integrate them to your listening. Refine your listening more and more, integrating distant and nearby sounds, until you hear only the sound of breathing and heart rhythm.

Look at the candle, observe its contours, its movement, its light.


It's night. Deep night.

It is dark. dense dark, often.

You were walking and suddenly you stopped.

You were able to see and suddenly your vision became blurred.

You were sensitive to sounds and suddenly you confused everything in noise.

It's night. Deep night.

You no longer recognize what surrounds you, the darkness around you is so thick and impenetrable.

What you thought were known places have become pleasant;  

The arms in which you used to find comfort have become distant.

It's night. Deep night.

The yardstick by which you got used to measuring the things of life has become inappropriate;

The idols to whom you entrusted your consent and your choices have shown themselves to be false, for what they have always been;

The belief systems that have so far shaped your life have lost their mask, revealing the true face of deception.

It's night. It is deep night, in the time of the world, in the winter season of man imprisoned in what he was and in what will be; suspended between past and future, disoriented, with no more sky, inside and out.

It is night, so deep that it almost seems real.

The most subtle ability of the operators of iniquity, of those who operate in deception, is to make everyone else believe that what is not real is real and vice versa. In fact they are masters of illusion and architects of an inversion of sign, a change in the polarity of things.

Since the human being has stopped looking with the eyes of the heart, by choice or by deception, and has begun to believe that he is seeing with the eyes of a distracted, confused, lost mind, he has lost his fundamental humility and joy. to go back to seeing with the eyes of the heart.

In many ancient cultures, the term Maat is referred to the divine law, written inside every living thing, from the smallest to the most immense, from the atom to the boundless galaxies, which regulates the functioning of everything, according to ordered procedures. , and precise. Very accurate.

The eyes of the heart see according to such procedures.

The mind's eyes, if distracted and deceived, see according to the opposite procedures; those of the laws of man.

As long as the human being continues to place his trust, emptied and desubstantiated, in the hands of those who work through the laws of man, according to the time of the world, the human being will be separated, divided. Such a humanity will not be able to sow renewal.

As long as the human being will go on following the opinions of others, believing in the histriones of the moment, trading life for a handful of false freedoms, the human being will be separated, divided. Such a humanity will not be able to sow renewal.

Only a humanity that will return to see with the eyes of the heart, despite all the ugliness and difficulties of the world system, in the time of the world, will be able to be the architect of renewal.

Only a humanity that chooses to take care of its own free will, which was given to it not by the hand of man or can be taken away from it, but by divine gift; a humanity that chooses to take care of the direction it is taking; who chooses to take care of their inner choices and to always always always be consistent with this direction, whatever happens, will be able to be the architect of the renewal.

It's daytime. Full day.

It is light. Bright, clean light.

You can still walk, don't stop.

You can still see with the eyes of the heart, observe.

You can still hear the song of living things, sing.

It's daytime. Full day.

It is light. Bright, clean light.

The places you knew still retain their beauty.

There are still arms ready to welcome you and to be welcomed.

Choose today, without fear of the world time narrative, to take care of the land where you are about to sow the precious seeds that you keep in your heart, which are a gift, and should not be wasted.

Choose today to be present, in the time of life, to be yourself the seed that is about to bring renewal.

Today, renewal is preparing the ground for sowing with care, gratitude, availability, solidarity, but not according to the laws of man, in the time of the world, which are always false, ephemeral, transitory and bearers of division and pain.

Today renewal is preparing the ground for sowing with care, gratitude, availability, solidarity only according to the present time, the time of life, with coherence and profound trust, according to the laws written in the book of Life, according to Maat.

In the face of fear, sow Love.

In the face of deception, sow Truth.

In the face of ugliness, it sows Beauty.

Faced with the hardness of hearts, sow praise.

Faced with separation, sow Union.

Faced with the sadness that dwells in people's hearts, sow Joy.

If you wish to be in the renewal, do not delay, start sowing now.



The audio track  MEDITATION   takes you through a listening path. Listening to your breath, listening to your sensations. Listening to the movement of your thoughts. Listening to your wishes and choices.

Feel calm and independent . 

Meditation is an intimate journey that everyone can do only for themselves. Techniques are just gimmicks, tools to help you embark on this path. But  it is very difficult to guide a meditation effectively and it is even more so with the use of the virtual. Stay close to yourself and make your own path. With serenity, sweetness  and calm.


Choose carefully the place where you are going to practice listening, make sure it is quiet and protected. Sit in a stable and comfortable position.

When you open your eyes, go back to looking at the flame of the candle in front of you. Observe its movement, its outlines.

Slowly regain tune with the body and gently move the main joints; neck, shoulders, wrists, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles.

Bring your hands into the bowl of fresh water that you placed in front of you and refresh your face, eyes.

With gratitude!


If you want, now or at another time, start practicing by following the directions below.

Here the choice is yours:

  • If you have your own consolidated practice, don't follow a track but practice MYSORE

  • If you are an expert practitioner choose the track: FIRST COMPLETE SET.

  • If you are an intermediate practitioner follow the track: GUIDED PRACTICE

  • If you are a beginner or at least feel the need to practice with fewer positions, choose the track: ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS

Given the characteristics of ashtanga yoga and the intensity and dynamism of the practice, it is essential that you read the following:



The proposed practice of ASHTANGA YOGA   is designed for practitioners of ashtanga Yoga with already a minimum of  previous experience, in respect of their current level (expert, intermediate, beginner) . If you decide to follow it, do it with total serenity and especially if you are not already an ashtanga practitioner and / or do not have an already established practice, do not run away if the indications seem out of your current reach and understanding. Stay as long as you can and then slowly give yourself time to relax, breathe and calmly exit the practice.

To simplify, remember to print the card with the ashtanga positions and to print or view before starting to practice the card with the name of the positions that make up the audio track (only for beginners, ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS page)

  • If you are a beginner, choose the audio track ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS  (click here)   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b589_bad5c09-207_b3b- 136bd09-207_b3b813cd7d5

  • If you are an intermediate practitioner choose the audio track GUIDED PRACTICE   (click here)

  • If you are an expert practitioner choose the audio track _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ FIRST COMPLETE SERIES   (click here)


Good practice!

With Joy and Gratitude

Thomas for Kyem

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I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to the little ones.

(Matthew 11.25)

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