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Tuning in Yoga ...

we practice in synchrony.

In him was life
and life was the light of men;
 light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it.

(John 1,4-5)



Welcome to,

Afterwards, today's proposal awaits you, which we invite you to make in compliance with the timing, to validate the resonance, the sharing.

The proposal is developed in two moments:  

  • reading the text

  • meditation following the audio track 

Start reading the written track following the directions in order to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for what you are about to do.

Remember that it is always very important that you have dedicated time and space to yourself to be able to do what we propose without haste.

At the end of the meditation we also provide three different audio tracks to guide those who want to practice through the sequence of ashtanga yoga. We will always leave the tracks available so that you can practice when you prefer.

Saturday 25th December at 6pm   Christmas    _cc781905-5cde-3194bbad5-136cd3_bad7-3194b58f-136c5-3194b5badd    Choice

Prepare the practice space with care and attention, making sure it is intimate, quiet. It is important that this is a moment dedicated to you.

Carefully spread out the mat and use a pillow, folded blanket or zafu for meditation if you like or use them during your listening moments. This will help you maintain a more comfortable position for longer.

Keep the virtual support you have chosen to follow the practice (pc or phone) close to you but do not let yourself be disturbed.

Prepare a bowl of water and place it in front of you. In front of you place a lighted candle.

Sit on the ground bringing your buttocks on the pillow or directly on the mat, feeling the support on the ischium.

Cross your legs to find a position that is comfortable for you.

Listen to the weight of your body, balance the inclination of the spine until you feel yourself stretching upwards but without effort.


Welcome the sounds coming from the outside trying to integrate them to your listening. Refine your listening more and more, integrating distant and nearby sounds, until you hear only the sound of breathing and heart rhythm.

Look at the candle, observe its contours, its movement, its light.


The choice:

Today is the time of choice.

Yoga takes you into the present time, the only place where Life exists.

In the present we breathe, in the present we drink, in the present we eat, in the present we find rest, in the present we love each other. Only the present is the time of Life and here Yoga accompanies you. The Joy that is encountered in recognizing the Union between the individual self and the universal self, between man and God, between the creature and the Creator, is the preferred spiritual, mental and corporeal state of the present time.

Today is the time of choice.

The world continually leads you to be suspended in the non-present. Like puppets hanging from threads, supported by hands that do not know love, we oscillate between the past and the future. We remain at the mercy of what has been or could have been and what will be or could be. The uncertainty between past and future is the mechanism that moves the world clock: the suspension is the slow hour hand. The concern is the minute hand, with no rhythm. Fear is the second hand, pressing. The fear and anger that meet in the separation between the individual self and the universal self, between man and God, between creature and Creator, between creatures and nature, are the preferred spiritual, mental and bodily state of the world time, past and future.

Today is the time of choice.

So where does present tense exist?

Where does the time in the world exist?

Imagine you are in the mountains.

The day is beautiful, cold and biting. One of those days where the sun's rays kiss your face, your breath is calm and as you walk you feel enveloped in great beauty. The bright colors of autumn have given way to the soft and silent spectacle of winter; the evergreen plants keep their foliage  and a thin layer of snow softens the mantle. In the distance the peaks are completely covered with snow. The stream flows next to you, it flows and it plays, it flows and it vibrates, it flows and it sings. You feel part of the whole that surrounds you.

This is the present time, the time of Life.

Suddenly, thunder is heard, black clouds arrive, and the storm is close to coming.

It starts to rain, hard, while you are now far from the shelter.

This too is the present time, the time of life, in its innumerable nuances.

You are assailed by worries, thoughts of fear and despair. Curse yourself and your life for setting out without evaluating the weather conditions well and without suitable equipment to face any climatic condition. Think about what you could have done; you're scared of what might happen.

This is the time of suspension, of judging oneself and others and cursing life: this is the time of the world.

Today is the time of choice.

Imagine being inside a narrative that wants people engaged in dividing, fighting, being in the spiritual, mental and bodily state of fear. A tight narrative, a tightly woven weave, whose warp is represented by mistrust and the weft by hypocrisy. The days chase each other like links in a chain well welded to the latch of world time. Suspension and suspicion, allerta  and hatred, distance and vain hope, the six keys that double-lock the bolt.

Division becomes daily bread.

This is the time of the world, the time of deception. The time suspended between past and future, the time of condemnation.

Today is the time of choice.

When the storm arrives, which inevitably can come, instead of cursing life and yourself, instead of distributing blame and nailing your thoughts to the cross of world time, you stop for a moment. A long moment. Breathe and feel the rain fall on your hair, on your face. The clouds are low and the surrounding landscape has been swallowed up by the mist, but all in all the path is still visible, and your step steadfast. You acknowledge and accept that it was a mistake not to have prepared yourself methodically and with the right equipment to face the walk, but do not despair; you are there, you are alive! Then you begin to walk, with presence, paying attention to every step along the path. The rain is getting thicker, but you go on, just go on: you breathe and walk. The deafening noise of the storm does not scare you anymore. You listen to your breath, the heartbeat, the sound of footsteps, the murmur of nature.

This is the time of Life, the present time.

This is the confidence that moves from within, with a power that we cannot even imagine, the spiritual step of those who choose to no longer want to welcome within themselves the poison of world time and who choose to no longer listen to any narrative that divides.

Yoga takes you into the present time, the only place where Life exists. Yoga teaches you to breathe and to see with the eyes of the heart. Yoga speaks to you from within and offers you a new opportunity to recognize which is today the road that accompanies you along the path of the present time but, it also offers you the possibility of recognizing which is today the road that keeps you within the path. of the time of the world.

Yoga today offers you the intelligence to choose between the two paths. The road of the present and that of the time of the world; between the real and the unreal ; between gift and privation; between union and separation.

Today is the time of choice and on this choice depends the direction and the destination we are about to take, as individuals and as inhabitants of a larger dimension.

It is the time of choice, between each narration that divides and invites to separation and hardness of hearts and the walk in the mountains where you can meet both the sun and the storm.

What is certain, even if you choose the mountain walk, with the sun of consistency kissing your face, the wind of free will that enters your lungs, with the stream of trust running through your veins, you will meet the storm. At some point, if you haven't met her already, she will come. Strong, very strong. Because the time of the world, suspended between the past and the future, fattened with deception, does not accept those who choose to stay in the present, in the time of life.

What is certain, if you choose walking in the mountains, the storm will come, and then it will make a real difference to have prepared yourself well, to have acquired an effective method and working tools to deal with it. It will be essential to welcome the storm without wasting even a moment in being distracted in thoughts related to the past or the future. At that point it will be vital to support each step, the specific weight of resolve, the direction of the gaze.

When Yoga becomes an instrument at the service of the present time, at the service of the choice to be in Joy, yoga becomes a gift and fulfills its task.

When yoga becomes a theater of competition, exaltation of the external aspect forgetting respect for the body, a reason for frustration, division, dogmatism, adherence to a system of human thought, it becomes an instrument at the service of the time of the world, suspended between what was and what will be, yoga becomes deprivation and does not accomplish its task.

Today is the time of choice, between what is and what appears; between what benefits Life and what benefits death; between the truth that beats in the heart of the present time and that which sinks into the mire of the untruth of the time of the world.

Today it is time to choose very carefully which direction to direct your life, to choose very carefully which seeds to plant and nourish in the garden of your inner space.

Today is the time of choice, and it is the time to be ready to accept the consequences of this choice.

Because the seeds of the present time, of the time of Life, will sprout and bear their flowers and fruits, with consistency.

Because the seeds of time suspended between past and future, of the time of the world, will sprout and bear their flowers and fruits, with consistency.

Today we all have a wonderful and unique opportunity: to contribute to the birth and renewal of a new earth, of a new humanity that breathes only the wind of the present time.

Time of Life.

Now is the moment of choice.



The audio track  MEDITATION   takes you through a listening path. Listening to your breath, listening to your sensations. Listening to the movement of your thoughts. Listening to your wishes and choices.

Feel calm and independent . 

Meditation is an intimate journey that everyone can do only for themselves. Techniques are just gimmicks, tools to help you embark on this path. But  it is very difficult to guide a meditation effectively and it is even more so with the use of the virtual. Stay close to yourself and make your own path. With serenity, sweetness  and calm.


Choose carefully the place where you are going to practice listening, make sure it is quiet and protected. Sit in a stable and comfortable position.

When you open your eyes, go back to looking at the flame of the candle in front of you. Observe its movement, its outlines.

Slowly regain tune with the body and gently move the main joints; neck, shoulders, wrists, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles.

Bring your hands into the bowl of fresh water that you placed in front of you and refresh your face, eyes.

With gratitude!


If you want, now or at another time, start practicing by following the directions below.

Here the choice is yours:

  • If you have your own consolidated practice, don't follow a track but practice MYSORE

  • If you are an expert practitioner choose the track: FIRST COMPLETE SET.

  • If you are an intermediate practitioner follow the track: GUIDED PRACTICE

  • If you are a beginner or at least feel the need to practice with fewer positions, choose the track: ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS

Given the characteristics of ashtanga yoga and the intensity and dynamism of the practice, it is essential that you read the following:



The proposed practice of ASHTANGA YOGA   is designed for practitioners of ashtanga Yoga with already a minimum of  previous experience, in respect of their current level (expert, intermediate, beginner) . If you decide to follow it, do it with total serenity and especially if you are not already an ashtanga practitioner and / or do not have an already established practice, do not run away if the indications seem out of your current reach and understanding. Stay as long as you can and then slowly give yourself time to relax, breathe and calmly exit the practice.

To simplify, remember to print the card with the ashtanga positions and to print or view before starting to practice the card with the name of the positions that make up the audio track (only for beginners, ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS page)


Good practice!

With Joy and Gratitude

Thomas for Kyem

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