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Event canceled  following the entry into force of DPCM del 09/3/2020 and subsequent, and of the Urgent Ordinance_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3905b-136ccd 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_dal Ministry of Health  containing "urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 "

LOVE YOUR CORE : In-kind retreat for women

20-23 AUGUST 2020, Mill Piermaggiore, Siena

with Francesca Deias ,   Chiara Spataro and Heike Schuster

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A seminar designed for women only, to get closer to your center, exploring the nuances of the feminine, leaving room for creativity, self-care, sharing.
Six days immersed in the wonderful natural scenery of the eco-estate Mulino Piermaggiore (SI), among bamboo woods, river water and silence.


- Perineum integration and movement: to feel, know the perineum and awaken femininity by contacting the pelvis, pelvis and its muscles.

- Creative workshops and Art therapy, to discover female archetypes, to contact the interior by letting the body, colors and materials speak in direct connection with oneself.

- Movement and body expression to contact the body in relation to the space within oneself, around oneself and beyond ...

- Lunayoga sequence to rebalance the female cyclical nature

- Meditation: to listen to yourself in silence and transform your own inner dialogue.

- Paths in nature: to rediscover deep contact with the mother earth and re-attune to its natural rhythm.

- Creative convivial cuisine with delicious vegetarian meals.

- Moments of relaxation in the enchanting nature that surrounds the mill

- Sharing evenings: conviviality, lightness, joy.

Francesca Deias : Ayurvedic practitioner, midwife
Chiara Spataro : painter, art therapist

Heike Schuster : dancer

Location : Piermaggiore mill

In the heart of Tuscany, in the midst of hills with olive groves and vineyards, is Mulino Piermaggiore: a small ecosystem on the Arbia river where you can swim, admire the small bamboo forest and discover many other enchanting places.
Il Mulino is an island where we try to create a balance between man, nature and animals and where guests share this interest and attention.
Accommodation in shared double / triple rooms.

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