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Ashtanga Yoga & Bandha Retreat
Perineum Integration and Movement
Ashtanga Yoga, Anatomy of Movement, Nature

Matching with body awareness

2/7 August, Il Sentiero farm, Fanano (MO)

with Tommaso Valentini, Francesca Deias and   Chiara Spataro


tommy e albero.jpg

Imagine a gentle, silent awakening, with the first rays of the sun dedicated to warming your skin.

Imagine feeling your body revitalize itself; in sweat and listening, with an intense Yoga practice.

Imagine woods around you and paths that cross and cross them, flanking lakes and landscapes of rare beauty ...

Imagine the awakening of Nature in the sweet summer.

the season of jasmine, lively rivers and winged things . 

Imagine , good and nutritious food, moments of more solitary rest or time and space dedicated to sharing, to art.

Imagine creating and expressing through art, giving space to the imagination, to your free feeling

Imagine, want and… let's make it happen together!

Reduced fees for subscriptions by 30/06

Reduction for students and children aged between 18 and 25


- Awakening, meditation

-Daily Ashtanga Yoga practice (first guided series, Mysore I ° and II ° series for more experienced practitioners)

- Regenerating walks

-Artistic-expressive workshops

-In depth yoga, pranayama

- Feel, mobilize  and get to know the pelvis and pelvic floor to integrate them in movement and practice

- Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha

- Delicious vegetarian meals

Tommaso Valentini : ashtanga yoga and meditation

Francesca Deias : Ayurvedic operator, graduate in obstetrics and operator of the Perineo Integrazione e Movimento® bodywork methodology

Chiara Spataro:   painter, set designer, decorator. Artistic-expressive workshops.

Location : Fattoria Il Sentiero

It is a completely renovated farmhouse with taste and harmony made up of three independent houses.
It is located in the Modenese Apennines at 750 m asl at the foot of Monte Cimone (2,200 m).
These mountains are part of the Frignano Regional Park. They are full of forests, ponds, waterfalls, streams and well-kept and signposted paths. They are ideal for those who love mountain activities and sports: hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking and skating.


Full board service. Rich and delicious vegetarian meals. Willingness to accommodate intolerances and special dietary needs, subject to prior information.

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