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Tuning in Yoga ...

we practice in synchrony.

In him was life
and life was the light of men;
 light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it.

(John 1,4-5)



Welcome to,

Afterwards, today's proposal awaits you, which we invite you to make in compliance with the timing, to validate the resonance, the sharing.

The proposal is developed in two moments:  

  • reading the text

  • meditation following the audio track 

Start reading the written track following the directions in order to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for what you are about to do.

Remember that it is always very important that you have dedicated time and space to yourself to be able to do what we propose without haste.

At the end of the meditation we also provide three different audio tracks to guide those who want to practice through the ashtanga yoga sequence. We will always leave the tracks available so that you can practice when you prefer.

 Tuesday 21 December at 6pm     _cc781905-5cde-3194bbad5-136bcc5_b58c5-3194bcc5 -3b58f5-bb58c5-3194bbad5-136bcc5 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  Winter solstice

Prepare the practice space with care and attention, making sure it is intimate, quiet. It is important that this is a moment dedicated to you.

Carefully spread out the mat and use a pillow, folded blanket or zafu for meditation if you like or use them during your listening moments. This will help you maintain a more comfortable position for longer.

Keep the virtual support you have chosen to follow the practice (pc or phone) close to you but do not let yourself be disturbed.

Prepare a bowl of water and place it in front of you. In front of you place a lighted candle.

Sit on the ground bringing your buttocks on the pillow or directly on the mat, feeling the support on the ischium.

Cross your legs to find a position that is comfortable for you.

Listen to the weight of your body, balance the inclination of the spine until you feel yourself stretching upwards but without effort.


Welcome the sounds coming from the outside trying to integrate them to your listening. Refine your listening more and more, integrating distant and nearby sounds, until you hear only the sound of breathing and heart rhythm.

Look at the candle, observe its contours, its movement, its light.


The Union:


The term Yoga comes from the Sanskrit verbal root Yuj. Yuj means to unite (Yujyate anena iti yogah), Yoga is that which unites and binds.

But what is joined? Where does this union take place?

According to traditional terminology, what is united or reconciled is the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. We can expand the meaning of union with that of "union with the divine".

In Jan-Eden, the garden of Eden, the heart of man was in perfect harmony and union with the will of the creator. When, by choice and by deception, the heart of the human being moved away from this perfect harmony and union, it separated.

But what has separated? Where does this separation lead?

The physical, psychic and spiritual state opposite to that of union is the state of separation.

When a new stream is poisoned; when forests are cut down every day; when a plant or animal species becomes extinct; when the seeds to be planted to guarantee food for all humanity, seeds that were handed down from generation to generation, were mostly made hybrids, by agreements between multinationals; when the lack of primary goods becomes the daily wake-up call for millions of people; when for economic interests they are held in fear, mistrust, anger, loneliness, disease, millions of people,

are we in union or separation?

When the dignity of many is trampled on by the greed of a few; when the resources that the earth has given us free of charge dry up because of the greed for gain; when to guarantee the privileges of the economic potentates the voice of those whom these privileges want to expose are silenced; when with cunning human laws the polarity is reversed with respect to what is real and what is unreal ;

are we in union or separation?

When with one hand the men of power boast emphasizing their good works and at the same time with the other hand they sign laws that devastate human dignity, free will, the resources of the earth; when with one hand the men of power celebrate peace, solidarity, freedom, the common good, and with the other they increase the market in weapons of war, increase social differences, chain men and women born free, trade well-being with security, they oppress entire populations with blackmail and impositions; when with both hands the men of power make alliances, political, religious, social, economic, aimed at maximizing the profit of a few at the expense of the well-being of all the others,

are we in union or separation?

When every day the spectacle of the sunset is forgotten, the beauty of the flower neglected, the breath of the wind opposed; when every day men stop wishing and dreaming; when children are no longer allowed to play every day; when we substitute fists for hugs, distance for encounters, masked hardness for smiles; when every day we stop sowing, out of fear, out of anger, out of habit,

are we in union or separation?

But, in union, what is united?

And, in the separation, what separated?

When, to those in need we give without asking for anything in return; when for the sake of justice we are open to change; when we are not deceived by narratives that divide  and multiply fear and anger; when we smile, we embrace, we open our hands to the gratuitousness of the gesture; when we join our hands to the heart in gratitude; when we direct our thoughts to beauty, to truth, despite the difficulties of every day,

are we in union or separation?

When we stop dividing each other as armies in the trench of dignity; when we begin to accept differences as fundamental resources for individual and social growth; when we substitute joy and love for anger and fear; when we stop judging in the poison of thoughts, life, ourselves and others; when we start each day, from awakening, with profound humility to being welcoming, grateful, available, centered,

are we in union or separation?

When, we begin to ignite our hearts and our brains to a higher, deeper listening; when we stop listening to the poisonous voices of those who now legislate, who now deceive, who now separate, who now oblige; when we listen to Life rather than those who want to distance us from life; when we return to live the earth's resources in sharing, in respect; when we rejoice at a sunset and help each other in the good things and the bad things that we might encounter anyway;

are we in union or separation?

Where we are today indicates a direction that we have already taken and / or are about to take.

There are two ways, two are the guiding hands, two are the voices . 

Never together. Either one, or the other.

We will know with certainty, in which of the two ways we let ourselves be led, we will know with certainty by which hands we let ourselves be carried, we will know with certainty by which of the two voices we let ourselves be nourished, we will know with certainty which destination we are about to reach.

The Way of the Union or the Way of Separation.

The choice for each of us, day after day:

being in the union, following its direction and welcoming its destination.

remain in the separation, follow its direction and discover its destination.

Today is the time of choice.



The audio track  MEDITATION   takes you through a listening path. Listening to your breath, listening to your sensations. Listening to the movement of your thoughts. Listening to your wishes and choices.

Feel calm and independent . 

Meditation is an intimate journey that everyone can do only for themselves. Techniques are just gimmicks, tools to help you embark on this path. But  it is very difficult to guide a meditation effectively and it is even more so with the use of the virtual. Stay close to yourself and make your own path. With serenity, sweetness  and calm.


Choose carefully the place where you are going to practice listening, make sure it is quiet and protected. Sit in a stable and comfortable position.

When you open your eyes, go back to looking at the flame of the candle in front of you. Observe its movement, its outlines.

Slowly regain tune with the body and gently move the main joints; neck, shoulders, wrists, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles.

Bring your hands into the bowl of fresh water that you placed in front of you and refresh your face, eyes.

With gratitude!


If you want, now or at another time, start practicing by following the directions below.

Here the choice is yours:

  • If you have your own consolidated practice, don't follow a track but practice MYSORE

  • If you are an expert practitioner choose the track: FIRST COMPLETE SET.

  • If you are an intermediate practitioner follow the track: GUIDED PRACTICE

  • If you are a beginner or at least feel the need to practice with fewer positions, choose the track: ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS

Given the characteristics of ashtanga yoga and the intensity and dynamism of the practice, it is essential that you read the following:



The proposed practice of ASHTANGA YOGA   is designed for practitioners of ashtanga Yoga with already a minimum of  previous experience, in respect of their current level (expert, intermediate, beginner) . If you decide to follow it, do it with total serenity and especially if you are not already an ashtanga practitioner and / or do not have an already established practice, do not run away if the indications seem out of your current reach and understanding. Stay as long as you can and then slowly give yourself time to relax, breathe and calmly exit the practice.

To simplify, remember to print the card with the ashtanga positions and to print or view before starting to practice the card with the name of the positions that make up the audio track (only for beginners, ASHTANGA YOGA BEGINNERS page)


Good practice!

With Joy and Gratitude

Thomas for Kyem

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I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to the little ones.

(Matthew 11.25)

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